Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Sea Of Un-Tranquility.

It has been some time
since you have visitied  me in my sleep.

During our first month apart,
you would come to me in my dreams.
You never spoke.
You just lay beside me
and looked into my soul.
I would feel your hand touch mine
beneath the soft sheets
warmed by the proximity
of our connected beings.
Then you would lean towards me
your face glowing in the blue-green
of the street light outside our windows.
And just before
your lips touched mine,
I would open my eyes
and discover,
that it was all just a dream.

And then
I would spend the rest of the black night
until morning,
trying to fall back into a familiar slumber
where I could find you in my dreams;
and capture that sweet kiss.
But this was beyond
even my control.

And as the sun would break the infinite edge
of the sad purple water,
outside the window of my new environs,
I would rise
with a tear stained face,
and the lonliness of an astronaught
left behind on the surface of the moon.

And the message from Command Central
would then crackle thru...
"It is with great regret
that we must inform you,
the rescue mission has been aborted.
May God be with you."

And the wait would begin.
The pacing and counting down of days
would commence.
How long can I last?
I have ample supplies,
and I am adept
with the necessary repairs
that my lunar station might need.
But all it would take
for my world to implode
is one over torqued titanium bolt
twisting loose
under the pressure
of an unexplored universe of sad;
and the hiss of the outside coming in.

One over torqued bolt,
and time;
Time is the real enemy now.

I have things
to keep me busy
as the time passes.

one over torqued bolt, and time;
Time is now my real enemy.

I caught a glimpse of you;
last night in my dreams.
You were looking in a large arched window.
You were on one side
and I on the other.
I called out your name,
banged my fists on the glass;
but you never heard me,
you never saw me.
You brushed your hair to one side,
touched your little finger
to the corner of your mouth.
You made some little adjustments,
and walked away.

And an ache of unfathomable proportions
set itself upon me in my sleep
as I watched you walk away.
I turned
to see a bolt,
in the top left hand corner
of the arched window,
that kept me from you;
twist under the pressure
of an unexplored
universe of sad.

Then came the hiss,
of the outside world about to rush in.
And it was all just a dream.

I awoke,
 to the same sadness,
of the astronaught left behind,
alone on the surface of the moon,
with no resuce in sight...

on Valentine's Day.

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  1. The imagery of an astronaut being left alone on the surface of the moon, startling in the loneliness it instantly made me feel. Sad and beautiful, broke my heart.